Links to Sutlers

Below are links to a selection of Sutlers.  Click on the link and you will be taken directly to their web site.  If you are a Sutler and you would like to have a link to your website listed here, please contact  If you are interested in having a website created and/or  hosted on the internet, please contact  Lodgewood Manufacturing has a superb supply of original and reproduction weapons and parts.  They also offer gun smithing services.  Allen's Laurel Hill Sutlery offers a complete line of reproduction civil war uniforms.


Ms. Victoria's site is indisposed at the moment.  But if you are in need of some fine custom made garments she may be reached through the offices of the editor, or contact her directly at


A New Civil War vendor is listed here.


RoweClan Haversack 

RoweClan Haversack is a purveyor of quality Reproductions of American Civil War Stationary, Envelopes and Stamps.  Please take a Moment and check out their web site by clicking on  name RoweClan Haversack above or right here.



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