The Haversack Herald was originally conceived April 28, 1974 as the Newsletter to the newly formed organization then known as; "Illinois Association of Reactivated Civil War Units" with Robert Coon's (R&K Sutlery) as the editor.  This publication was being printed on 81/2 x 14 paper and continued through the years.  It had a membership subscription rate of $6.00 per year which also included membership in the "IARCWU".


By November 1986, change was afoot and the "IARCWU" was in the process of a name change and reorganization.  At this meeting I made a faux pas and I raised my hand when Bob Coons asked if anyone was interested in being the editor.  Unbeknownst to me no one else wanted the job, so everyone at the meeting quickly confirmed my appointment.  Dues were still $6.00.  On May 10, 1987 the change was official and the association became known as the; "Midwest Association of Civil War Reenactors" or "MACWR".

November 1989, a new mast head was being looked for and Bill Beretis, (Chicago Light Artillery) got the nod with his artwork of the Haversack.  Most fitting for the newsletter, don't you agree?

Important changes were in the air and by December 1997 the organization of MACWR  was dissolved by action of the Board of Directors. I decided to continue the Newsletter, now being printed on 8 2 x 11 paper and was handed the postage, $3.00 each membership collected by MACWR. It was decided by the editor, me, that we would have to charge $5.00 for 10 issues.

As this was not enough to cover the rising postal rates, costs of ink and paper, another increase was made to $8.00 per year, where it remains today.

And so, here we are in the 21st century and about to go to the electronic message. This is our efforts that you are viewing, works of the Editor/Publisher Richard Hargreaves (2nd Kentucky Cav. Co. D) and Webmaster Editor Chuck Martin (Missouri Guerillas)


© Chuck Martin 2013