Musicians, Bands, Entertainers and 1st. Person Portrayals

Below are links to a selection of entertainment venues.  Click on the link and you will be taken directly to their web site.  If you are a Musician, Entertainer or 1st Person Reenactor  and you would like to have a link to your website listed here, please contact editor@haversackherald.com  If you are interested in having a website created and/or  hosted on the internet, please contact cemartin@missouriguerrillas.com

     www.wildwildwood.com The James Gang.  Mean Mary and Frank James,  fiddle, guitar and fine vocals, 1800's period music and dance, Civil War Balls and horse back music. 


http://www.2ndkentuckycavalry.org/richnval.htm Richard and Valarie Hargreaves portray Col. Basil Duke and his wife Henrietta Morgan Duke.

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